Grades 6-12
Mondays 6:15-7:15

The Studio's Improv & Comedy class will encourage and nurture our students' innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to make connections with others. Our New York-based instructor creates a fun and supportive environment in which students can explore, develop, and succeed. Professional improv and comedic techniques will be explored to support, engage, and trust risk-taking on stage as well as off. Students will learn improv activities and comedic acting/performing utilizing skills that will not only make them better performers, but provide life-long tools they can use every day: confidence in their own point of view, accepting "mistakes" as gifts, becoming inspired team players, and the ability to communicate their ideas more effectively. 

There will be an observation day on the final day of class, June 8th.

Class will begin on January 20th and end on June 8th.


*When registering, please include student's name in notes section. 

Improv & Comedy


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