Pandemic Protocols


If your child shows signs of illness, do not send them to class. If a teachers sees signs of illness, the students will be sent home. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, class will go virtual for the following two weeks. If a student has come in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, they will be required to quarantine for two weeks. We will do our best to maintain their class virtually for them.


In the event we are required to shut down our facility, our classes will transition to online learning. Refunds will not be issued if we transition to online learning.


Masks are currently required for any student or parent who enters our facility. When outdoors, students may remove masks. Masks with vents and gaiter masks are not permitted.


Classrooms will be cleaned between classes and before & after students enter. 


Parents will be asked to remain outdoors during drop-off/pick-up. Please be prompt.


Students will be asked to bring their own water bottles. Snacks will not be allowed in classes under an hour. Toys will not be permitted in class.

Private Lessons



Lessons are billed monthly in advance via email.

Payment is due by the within 15 days of receiving the electronic invoice.

If payment is not received by the due date, $10 will be added to the next billing cycle as a late fee.

If payment has not been received by the end of the month, the card on file will be charged. If a student misses a lesson before payment is received, the student is still held responsible for the lesson unless lesson termination has been communicated.

Those who pay the balance in full at the beginning of the semester will receive a 5% discount.

If there is financial difficulty, please bring it to our attention, and we will try to provide as much flexibility as possible.

Please contact us at 203-966-07056 or thestudionewcanaan@gmail.com to obtain the semester total, and ask specific billing questions.


Students are financially responsible for their scheduled lessons. There will be no reimbursements. Students are responsible for all of their scheduled lessons. To avoid forfeiting the lesson in case of conflict, students may choose the following options.

  • Lesson Trade

A student may trade lessons with another student. Contact The Studio to receive contact information of those who could switch. Please contact trade students personally.

The Studio will not make these arrangements. Please inform The Studio when a lesson trade occurs. *Please exercise this option whenever possible as it is best for everyone, and most of our students are very familiar with this process.

  • Missed Lessons

If a student has given 24-hours-notice of absence, they will be given the option to reschedule at the teacher’s discretion later that semester.  You are allowed a maximum of 2 missed lessons per semester. If lessons are not completed before June 12, 2021 the lesson will be forfeited.    

Instructor Absence

Given that our Studio Instructors are professional performing artists, they occasionally have auditions, shows, and commercial bookings. If this occasion occurs, there will be a qualified substitute instructor to teach their students. We will attempt to notify all students when a substitute instructor will be present. Only in the event that a substitute instructor is not available will a credit will be issued. Credits will not be issued for student cancellation.

Snow Days

Lessons will be held on snow days unless the weather is extremely dangerous. Please call The Studio for verification. In the event of extreme weather conditions, a make up day will be scheduled.


If you wish to stop or take a break from lessons, we must receive two-weeks notice. You will remain on the schedule for the following two weeks.
There will be no refunds for classes. 

These policies have been used successfully for many years. Please contact The Studio with any questions. Thank you!




Payment must be made at the time of registration. If payment is not received before the second class, the student will not be allowed to participate until payment has been made. If financial assistance is needed, please contact executive director, Lorah Haskins, at TheStudioNewCanaan@gmail.com



Students are required to attend class. Prior commitments before registration and illness are excused, however credit will not be issued due to absence. Please notify us as soon as possible when you know your child will be missing class. Students may be asked to discontinue their participation in class if attendance is not consistent as all students are working together toward a final goal and the success of each class relies on all actors being present. We ask students to take the commitment to the program seriously.



No cash refunds after the first week of class.  Refund in the form of credit may be given in special circumstances.  If a student wishes to transfer to another class once the session has started, they must obtain permission from The Studio class instructor and Executive Director.



Changes or cancellations may occur at the discretion of The Studio. 



Promptness is expected from all students. Please advise the instructor if the student will be more than ten minutes late.



The Studio is not responsible for personal injury or lost property.  Students and parents release claims of liability while studying at The Studio.


Class Size

We aim to keep class sizes small, as to maximize personal attention. In the case a class fills, we will do our best to offer another if the schedule permits.


Staff Accountability

Instructors sometimes have auditions and show dates that may interfere with class duties.  There will be a professional staff substitute scheduled for all teacher absences.