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Both of my kids have been at The Studio and loved it. It is a magical place where they have been exposed to fabulous musicians and performers. I really recommend it! It provides a truly nurturing environment.


I wanted to thank you and your team at The Studio.  Riley has gained so much poise (and learned to articulate and project) from her work in your theater programs.  She would not have had the same ability without you.  



I love coming to The Studio because since the first time I walked in, they treated me like family and since that day The Studio is my second home. I also love studying here because all of the the teachers and staff are so nice and teach me to push to be my best and find my true talent. 

-Chloe, age 11

My experiences at The Studio are great. I have been at The Studio for about 4 or 5 years and it has helped me improve as a singer & actress so much. I have also just started tap dancing. The Studio helped me get a callback for Annie on Broadway. The Studio is like another home and I hope everyone has this great experience too!

-Jordan, age 11

The Studio has been a place where I can come and be myself and grow as a person as well as an artist. The Studio is a place I look forward to walking into every week filled with friends and wonderful teachers.

-Hunter, age 18

I like to go to The Studio because it's a very fun and loving community. I also love to do the musicals that they put on. I love how they have so many options like dance, acting, singing, and plays.

-Maren, age 11

My time at the studio helped me explore artistically and improved my performances in every way. I loved the personalized attention, and being able to work with real professionals in the fields where I studied. I would not be the same actor, singer or dancer if I had not studied at The Studio throughout my time in high school.

-Charlie, age 18

The Studio has made me such a better performer and person. All the teachers are so helpful and they really foster both personal and musical growth in every student they teach. They also teach in an extremely relaxed, accepting, and caring environment. I would recommend taking classes at The Studio to anyone who loves singing, acting, dancing, and music.

-Cami, age 17

My experience at The Studio has been so amazing. Lorah & all the teachers are so helpful and taught me so much, such as Chris. Chris helped me find confidence in myself and find my love for music. Without The Studio, I wouldn't be who I am today. The Studio is an amazing place to learn about musical theatre and is such a fun place to be!

-Lauren, age 16

My name is Sadie and I have always loved performing. The Studio is like a second home where I can just be me & everyone loves it. My first class here was a Disney Camp that I did for a week of my summer when I was only 5 years old. I continued here and now I take lessons for acting, tap, lyrical, guitar, voice & the occasional musical theatre show. The Studio is my favorite place to be. The teachers & students are all so nice & helpful. They actually helped me with my audition for Mary Poppins on Broadway, a show I was in for 6 months. I highly recommend coming here and hanging with Lorah.

-Sadie, age 11

All of the teachers, productions, and lessons are awesome. The environment is non-stressful, which is great for prepping for auditions. All in all, come to The Studio!

-Kate, age 15

I know this is only my first year at The Studio, but I really love it here. It's great and I've really improved as a singer. I think that I'll take an acting class next.

-Wyatt, age 11

The family-like atmosphere is extremely conducive to learning because of the sense of security you have- like no one is judging you. After just a few weeks I could see significant improvement in my vocal technique.

-Jessica, age 17

As a 6-year-old belting out every note I sang, I was introduced to the Studio family. Throught the past 7 years, 4 wonderful voice teachers, and life changing advice, The Studio will always be a part of my life.

-Elizabeth, age 13

I LOVE The Studio! I have been taking lessons at The Studio for 9 years and I can't get enough. Not only have I learned so much, but this place has become a home away from home. I highly recommend The Studio to anyone.

-Sara, age 16

I like The Studio because I like how they put on shows with costumes and props. I also love how everyone is really nice.

-Beatrice, age 11

It is lots of fun and I have a crazy and awesome voice teacher Todd.

-Thomas, age 9

The Studio is my home away from home. The teachers here not only incredible teachers but incredible people as well. Even on my worst days, The Studio brings me amazing amounts of joy and peace. It is the most supportive atmosphere I could ever ask for and I will carry the memories and the things that I have learned here with me for the rest of my life. This place has made me a better person.

-Eliza, age 17

Although I have only been going to The Studio for less than a year, I have been welcomed with open arms, and for that I am truly grateful. I have learnt so much over the past few months, and attending my lessons is my favorite part of my week. Everyone at The Studio is extremely kind & fun, and I am so lucky to be in their presence. Whether you're an aspiring Broadway star, or you just love to sing & dance, The Studio is the perfect place to cultivate your talents!

-Cali, age 17

I have been going to The Studio for 6 years! It is my favorite place. I've done plays, acting, singing, and tapping. I always have so much fun. The teachers are amazing and it feels like my home. My first class I took was when I was 6 and now I am 12. The Studio is the best, everyone should go! You never feel bad because everyone makes you feel happy and good. Clearly, The Studio is the place to go!

-Grace, age 12

1. I think it's really good because they have lots of music books 2. Their place isn't that far from my home 3. And last of all, they have the best teachers

-Bridget, age 10

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